Virtual Youth Summit on Food and Education

A global and virtual platform for students and educators to showcase original video projects that focus on food and education.

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All fields of science are interconnected. Prof. Lixin Wang (@ecohydro_wang) of @IUPUI highlights that the skills and knowledge you learn in one subject will be useful wherever your interests take you. Where will your learning lead you?

These days, nearly all fields of science require computer coding skills for data analysis and presentation. Dr Kudzai Farai Kaseke (@KasekeKF) recommends learning to code as soon as you can. How could you improve your coding skills?

The lack of rainfall in desert environments means that many plants and animals rely on fog and dew to provide their water. But where does this fog come from? And what will happen to these ecosystems as the climate changes?
@ecohydro_wang @IUPUI @KasekeKF

In our latest collection of #Educational #Resources we explore #Hydrology with Prof Lixin Wang (@ecohydro_wang) from @IUPUI

Free to download are the Article, Activity sheet and a Careers focussed PPT via the link below:

Great experience to work with Futurum to make the education materials!

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