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In our latest collection of Educational Resources we explore #chemistry with Professor Irving Epstein from @BrandeisU

Free to download are the Article and Activity sheet.

A chance discovery of an unusual oscillatory reaction by a chemist nearly 70 years ago paved the way for some potentially exciting, modern applications. Prof. Irving Epstein @BrandeisU is investigating this very special chemical reaction.

What can you do with a degree in chemistry? Solve some of the world's most pressing challenges...

Read Professor Irving Epstein's article for a fascinating insight into #chemistry and his top tips for getting into this field:

It's here! Issue 8 and it is full of stars....
Some people may be thinking of celebrities and influencers, while others will gaze up into the night sky and wonder at the glittering constellations. We believe everyone has the potential to be a star.

Like sport but hate maths? Think again!
Have you ever considered how maths plays a role in sports? There are obvious examples such as counting goals in football, or subtracting scores in darts, but all sports have elements of maths within them.


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