Teachers and Schools

Let’s first take a moment to praise the hard work you – teachers and the schools you work in – do. Governments and organisations worldwide are worried about the future STEM skills base. And, for every teenager and young person you motivate to explore these subjects, you are bridging this STEM skills gap.

But, in spite of the plethora of educational research and initiatives available, you still have to deal with the day-to-day challenges of inspiring a generation of would-be professionals and scientists; you have to manage tight budgets, prepare practical science lessons within short time frames, keep up to date with scientific concepts that might be outside your sphere of expertise, balance the curriculum with context and relevance, and much, much more….

Whether you’re a teacher of STEM, information technology, humanities, careers or social studies, we want to help you with all of these challenges and put the ‘wow’ into classrooms. We want to support you with resources that aim to engage all students regardless of their gender, ethnicity or background. There are multiple organisations and global initiatives that are focused on this mission, and our aim is to bring these resources together so that you can access them quickly and easily – and at no cost.

What will you find on this site?

• Articles about researchers and their research, covering all subjects relating to STEM and SHAPE (social sciences, humanities, the arts for the people and the economy)
• Activity sheets that link directly to the articles and provide relevant external resources
• The latest bi-monthly magazine
• Information about educational initiatives, internships and apprenticeship schemes, as well as links to the organisations’ own resources – see associates
• Profiles of inspirational role models – see role models
• Links to our partner initiatives, including SKYPE A SCIENTIST, which allows you and your students to connect with researchers and academics via Skype.

Is there a cost involved?

No. Everything on this site and in the Futurum magazine is freely accessible and free of charge.

Do you need to subscribe to Futurum?

No. This a registration-free site but we do encourage you to subscribe to our mailing list – see sign up.  By signing up you will:

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