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Skype a Scientist matches scientists with classrooms around the world. This initiative gives students the opportunity to get to know a “real scientist”, enabling scientists to reach students from all over the world without having to leave the lab. Skype a Scientist has over 2,150 member scientists.

“It was a real pleasure working with Karen and Brett in creating an article about my research on tornadoes. The final article was professional and informative and it is both gratifying and exciting to know that my research will be freely available to students and educators around the world. Hopefully my own excitement about doing research with supercomputers will help inspire others to choose a career path in the sciences!”

Dr Leigh Orf
Atmospheric Scientist, Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies (CIMSS), University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

“I am thoroughly impressed. Karen has been extremely professional, and after the initial round of effort on my behalf, her and the team made an excellent product with only limited input from me. As Brett promised in our initial discussion, there was little burden on me, but some excellent research was done by the Futurum team!”

Dr Paul Lasky
ARC Future Fellow and Senior Lecturer, Monash University, Australia

“Working with Futurum on my article was a very positive experience, and I’m thrilled that they are engaging their younger audience in research that will likely be of great interest to them, namely, emerging clean energy technologies. The finished product is of high quality, and I hope readers of the article will be inspired to delve into the technical details, which are truly fascinating. What I most appreciate about Futurum‘s process is how seamless and straightforward they made it and how accommodating they were with my revision requests as we proceeded toward the final version.”

Dr Mark Tuckerman
Professor of Chemistry and Mathematics, New York University, USA

It was great fun to work with Futurum to produce the article about operations research, machine learning, and supply chain management. The process was smooth and enjoyable, and the Futurum team was exceptionally good at translating academic research ideas into something fun and interesting for non-experts. I think the finished article looks great, and I am eagerly sharing it with my colleagues, students, and friends.”I really enjoyed working on my article with Futurum. They had great interview questions from the beginning and really went out of their way to let me repeatedly revise my responses, and promote feedback on my revisions, until we all felt that my responses were well-crafted and appropriate for a grade-school audience. Everyone was also incredibly accommodating in regard to my hectic schedule and change in job (and address) in the middle of the process, which made for a stress-free collaboration.”

Prof Larry Snyder
Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Lehigh University, USA

“I really enjoyed working on my article with Futurum. They had great interview questions from the beginning and really went out of their way to let me repeatedly revise my responses, and promote feedback on my revisions, until we all felt that my responses were well-crafted and appropriate for a grade-school audience. Everyone was also incredibly accommodating in regard to my hectic schedule and change in job (and address) in the middle of the process, which made for a stress-free collaboration.”

Dr Ellyn Enderlin
Assistant Professor of GeophysicsBoise State University, USA

“Working with FUTURUM has been a pleasure. They have made my work accessible, exciting and I hope appealing to the younger generation as they explore their career opportunities. As a scientist, much of what we write is dry and academic, yet we try to make a difference for the better. FUTURUM have transformed this in an engaging and lively way, allowing us to reach beyond the usual circle of experts, and remind me how very lucky I am to be a doing this research.”

Prof Bram Murton
Associate Head of Marine Geoscience, National Oceanography Centre, UK

“It was a pleasure working with the colleagues at Futurum. They picked up on all the fine points of our project and even found the most appropriate picture they could have for the article. On top of their expertise and knowledge they seem to be clairvoyant or telepaths!”

Dr Agueda Gras-Velazquez
Head of the Science Education Department, European Schoolnet and Scientix

“Fantastic experience working with Cressida, Karen, and Brett transforming a written interview into an age-appropriate coherent and well-illustrated article. I was really impressed with how the Futurum staff and their processes were able to make a complex study accessible yet accurate. I learned a lot during the process. I’ve shared the article with a number of educators and teens and universally they have been impressed.”

Dr Marc Frischer
Professor in Biological Oceanography, University of Georgia Skidaway Institute of Oceanography, USA

“It was great working with Cressida and Karen on the article about “101 things to see in space”. The design work was so much better than anything we could have achieved in house on similar timescales, and the direct link to our target audience of young people who may not have considered a career in STEM before was unbeatable. The process was simple and I had input on the content right through the process. Communication was friendly and easy, and has lead to a product that introduces what we do in a new way to anything we’d tried in the past – I’m excited to keep using the article to present the project to people.”

Dr Stacey Habergham-Mawson
National Schools’ Observatory Manager, Liverpool John Moores University, UK

“It was a true pleasure to work with Karen and Cressida on my article and brochure for the FUTURUM Magazine. The final product looks great and is very conducive to a younger audience – I do not think that I could have reached out to a teenage audience as clearly and effectively without FUTURUM’s help! Following Karen’s advice, we included an article by my PhD student Josh, bringing a fresh student perspective to the effort, which I am sure will be instrumental in better connecting to other young minds.”

Dr Andréa Richa
Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, Arizona State University, USA

“I really enjoyed working with Cressida, Karen, and the rest of the team. They were really good about keeping us updated and involved in every step of the process, and executed wonderfully on their vision of making difficult science accessible and approachable to young students. I’m very excited to see how these articles and guides can be used to inspire another generation of bright minds, especially those who are interested in our field but don’t think they would fit in or make the cut.”

Josh Daymude
PhD in Computer Science, Arizona State University, USA

“Working with Cressida, Karen, and Brett at Futurum has been an absolute pleasure. Academics sometimes fear having their work reduced or simplified but Futurum have a fundamental understanding of how to present research in a palatable way without distorting it. This comes from attention to detail, dedication to the cause of education, and a genuine respect for academic endeavour.”

Dr Simon Rennie
Senior Lecturer in Victorian Poetry, University of Exeter

“It was wonderful working with Brett, Karen and her team. It was an enjoyable experience and so easy and effortless. It was amazing how effortlessly they could take complex science and make it understandable for students. We are excited about the final product and being able to share our work with educators and future scientists.”

Professor Lori Eckhardt
Forest Health Cooperative, School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences, Auburn University, USA

“Working with Futurum was a delight. Brett took the time to answer all of my questions and help me understand the process. Karen was efficient, responsive to our suggestions, easy to communicate with, and so patient when things were delayed on our end due to the partial government shutdown. We’re delighted with the beautiful and informative final product. The Futurum team made it so easy for us to share our research and science education products with educators and students around the world.”

Dr Stephanie Bestelmeyer
Executive Director, Asombro Institute for Science Education, USA

“I really enjoyed working with Karen and her team at Futurum Careers. The process of preparing the article was efficient from start to final production. I was impressed with the Futurum’s team capability to breakdown complex science into an easily digestible format for a broad audience.”

Dr Dave Hay
Professor of Tissue Engineering, Centre for Regenerative Medicine, University of Edinburgh, UK

“I highly recommend working with Futurum. Karen and the Futurum team were a pleasure to work with and they create materials of the utmost quality. The process was seamless and required far less of my time than I initially anticipated. The Futurum team has the unique ability to distill complex ideas into material clearly articulated for teenagers and young adults, a targeted audience in much need of exposure to science capital. Through the work of Futurum, more young people will gain science-related knowledge and pursue careers in science.”

Dr Alexis Vogt
Associate Professor of Optics, Monroe Community College, USA

“Working with the staff at Futurum was a wonderful experience. From the genuine interest in the association and thoughtful questions, to the beautiful layout and attention to detail, Futurum’s personalized approach yielded an article that was both visually appealing and informative. We were beyond grateful for the opportunity to talk about our journal, Connected Science Learning, and the importance of informal learning experiences in promoting quality science learning for preK-12 students and beyond.”

Kate Falk
Senior Manager, Public Relations, National Science Teachers Association, USA

“Futurum sets up our future so very well in how it networks and reaches out. I am very impressed with the engaging graphics, electric ideas exchange, and extremely committed knowledge mobilization team. Getting to know Karen and Brett, as company leads who take a personalized approach, created such an enjoyable working experience. The opportunity to bring the benefit of science to students, and to potentially light up some STEAM career ideas, especially in those areas where ‘soft skills’ like empathy, interpersonal awareness, social skills count so much, is phenomenal. I am hopeful that these young leaders will open their hearts and minds to exciting helping professions, as well as be a part of the research to action to wellness cycle!”

Dr Christine Wekerle
Associate Professor of Paediatrics, McMaster University, Canada

“Working with Karen [at Futurum] was an absolutely amazing experience because, for the first time of my career I had the opportunity to make science accessible to children and teenagers. This is new for me because I work with predominately older students at Doane University (age 18-22). I also really enjoyed sharing my personal experience from my childhood and what inspired me to become a professor of chemistry. I think younger students will appreciate that I had bad grades and nearly didn’t graduate from high-school, but I still was able to climb up the career ladder. I hope that encourages young students to prevail and not give up. It didn’t take me long to review the materials – perhaps a few hours – but the time didn’t matter to me. I didn’t keep track because it was fun and not work.”

Dr Andrea Holmes
Professor of Chemistry, Doane University, USA

“WISE found Futurum really easy to work with – they asked insightful questions around our programmes and created a feature that was visually engaging and easy to read for the target audience. We are confident that this will raise the profile of our programme following publication.”

Mhairi Crawford
Development Director, WISE Campaign, UK