“Providing inspiration for young, aspiring scientists is such an important outreach activity and Futurum provides a great platform to achieve this. Working with Futurum has been nothing but a pleasure – knowledgeable, adaptable, efficient, helpful and enthusiastic. What a team!”

PROFESSOR MARKUS BINDEMANN, Professor of Cognitive Psychology, University of Kent, UK

Futurum has been designated an innovating Careers Champion by the UK Careers and Enterprise Company


Teacher review from Teachers Pay Teachers

Five-star review on TES

Five-star review on TpT.

Five-star review on TpT.

Five-star review on Scientix

Five-star review on Scientix


“Working with the Futurum team was a great experience. I was really impressed with how they were able to distil the rather complex research that my colleagues and I carry out into a form that is accessible by a general audience consisting of all ages. I will definitely look to them again when I need further help with this!”

PROFESSOR JUSTIN COON, University of Oxford, UK

“I had such a great experience working with Futurum Careers to produce the Society of Women Engineers’ brochure. Their team made the process simple, from crafting great interview questions to creating corresponding activities to encourage students to continue learning about engineering. This allowed us to really showcase the SWENext student program and share what we do with a wider audience!”

EMMA PALERMO, Society of Women Engineers, USA

“My experience in working with Futurum, Erica in particular, is terrific. Every stage during the cooperation is wonderful from topic selection, idea brainstorming, data and information collection, writing and polishing, article compiling, to artworks. Especially, the first draft preparation by Futurum is more than preface, which did catch the main points of the article. I really appreciate the gorgeous help from Futurum on this article.”

PROFESSOR CHIN-TEN LIN, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

“For outreach on other projects, I’ve prepared teaching materials targeted at secondary students, so I really appreciate the amount of hard work that goes into developing these kinds of resources. Working with the team at Futurum was fantastic because there’s a wealth of expertise and experience preparing things that will have the right kind of impact in the real world—nice graphic design, appropriate activities, and distribution to the channels where teachers will really find and be able to use the materials. I also am a huge believer in making all these materials open-access and freely available. I’m genuinely optimistic that Futurum can make a real difference!”

PROFESSOR CHARLES PENCE, Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium

“I have really enjoyed working with everyone at Futurum — friendly, smart, generous and engaging, each team member is very accomplished at what they do. I was impressed by the skilful way my work was transformed into an extremely interesting and accessible teaching resource; the accompanying activity sheet, as well, is fun and imaginative. Futurum’s commitment to science communication and inspiring young minds is itself inspiring. I would certainly work with Futurum Careers again.”

PROFESSOR JACOB COPEMAN, University of Santiago de Compostela and Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN), Spain


“Thank you to Futurum for reaching out to PADF to highlight our work on STEM in the Americas. Working with Karen for the article was a pleasure and she and her team captured our work and vision quite nicely!”

Luisa Villegas, Senior Director of Program Innovation and Education Thematic Leader, Pan American Development Foundation

“Karen and the Futurum team were professional, prompt, and easy to work with.  Futurum created engaging and richly-detailed materials to inspire young people to pursue careers in field science and education.”

Stacy McNulty
Current President of the Organization of Biological Field Stations, USA

“It was a pleasure working with the colleagues at Futurum. They picked up on all the fine points of our project and even found the most appropriate picture they could have for the article. On top of their expertise and knowledge they seem to be clairvoyant or telepaths!”

Dr Agueda Gras-Velazquez
Head of the Science Education Department, European Schoolnet and Scientix

“Working with Futurum was a delight. Brett took the time to answer all of my questions and help me understand the process. Karen was efficient, responsive to our suggestions, easy to communicate with, and so patient when things were delayed on our end due to the partial government shutdown. We’re delighted with the beautiful and informative final product. The Futurum team made it so easy for us to share our research and science education products with educators and students around the world.”

Dr Stephanie Bestelmeyer
Executive Director, Asombro Institute for Science Education, USA

“Working with the staff at Futurum was a wonderful experience. From the genuine interest in the association and thoughtful questions, to the beautiful layout and attention to detail, Futurum’s personalized approach yielded an article that was both visually appealing and informative. We were beyond grateful for the opportunity to talk about our journal, Connected Science Learning, and the importance of informal learning experiences in promoting quality science learning for preK-12 students and beyond.”

Kate Falk
Senior Manager, Public Relations, National Science Teachers Association, USA

“WISE found Futurum really easy to work with – they asked insightful questions around our programmes and created a feature that was visually engaging and easy to read for the target audience. We are confident that this will raise the profile of our programme following publication.”

Mhairi Crawford
Development Director, WISE Campaign, UK