Career guides

So many organisations working in STEM / STEAMM (science, technology, engineering, arts, maths, medicine) industries offer incredible career, teaching and education resources and opportunities for young people and educators. We talk to those working in industry to find out more about their organisation and science education initiatives. This page is a hub for these STEM / STEAMM resources, opportunities and initiatives.

Five Reasons – and More – to Become an Apprentice

What do you know about apprenticeships? More importantly, have you ever considered doing one? Amazing Apprenticeships, an organisation that works on behalf of the uk government’s national apprenticeship service, shows us just how amazing apprenticeships are

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Think computer science is for nerds? Think again.

John Volanthen – one of the cave rescue divers who saved the young football team in the Tham Luang Cave in Thailand – is CEO of his own computing consultancy business. He talks to us about how he got into computer science and why.

Click on the STEM Learning logo for free computing resources for all ages (4-19 and beyond). Not sure if computer science is for you? The Prospects website has info on 30 computer-related careers.

Science beyond the school gates

Connected Science Learning is one of the National Science Teachers Association’s five journals, and its analysis of external STEM education programmes is proving just how important it is to push science learning beyond the school gates. Dennis Schatz, NSTA President-Elect and Field Editor explains

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Busting myths about STEM careers

Over 30,000 role models from industry and research organisations are involved in the STEM Ambassador programme, an inspirational free-of-charge resource for teachers and others in the UK engaging with young people inside and out of the classroom. Dr Ajay Sharman, Stem Learning’s Network Lead for London and South East tells us more.

Click on the STEM Ambassadors logo to find out how to invite one of the 30,000+ role models to your school or community event. This resource is available to all teachers in the UK

Wise Up To A Career In Stem

Whether you’re imaginative, confident, logical, creative, organised – or shy, even – there are so many well paid and rewarding jobs in the sciences for young women. But girls and young women in the UK aren’t choosing careers in science, technology, engineering or maths. Why not? We ask Dr Mhairi Crawford, Development Director at WISE

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People Like Me encourages girls to consider careers in science, technology, engineering and maths, and includes a Personality Type quiz