Good at maths? Become a scholar…

Mathematics is an amazing field of study and, at a fundamental level, it underpins everything in science. The World Science Festival has created a new initiative – the World Science Scholars programme – and it aims to expand upon the mathematical prowess of talented STEM students.

What is the World Science Scholars programme?

The World Science Festival was launched in New York in 2008. March 2016 marked the beginning of the World Science Festival Brisbane. The team behind the World Science Festival is behind the World Science Scholars programme.

According to the World Science Scholars website, ‘World Science Scholars identifies and selects a small group of high school sophomores [2nd year students] and juniors worldwide who have demonstrated extraordinary mathematical talent and provides them with a unique opportunity to grapple with challenging ideas and explore new disciplines in which to apply their abilities.’

Another notable feature is the networking opportunities made available to participants. They get to mingle with other exceptional maths students, talented and dedicated professors, and local mentors. A robust social learning platform makes these opportunities, as well as interactive online courses and sessions by leading scientists, available to the scholars.

Can I be involved?

To apply you must be:

  • A high school sophomore or junior (ages 15-17) during the 2019-2020 school year
  • A student who has demonstrated exceptional mathematical ability
  • Highly motivated and interested to learn outside the formal school setting
  • Able to understand and communicate complex mathematical and scientific ideas in English
  • Able to access a computer with good internet connectivity

NOTE – in addition to direct applications, potential applicants may be sourced from: worldwide talent programmes, accredited student maths and science competitions, and nominations from mathematicians, scientists and educators involved in the World Science Festival network.

The direct application process

There are three forms that need to be filled out – the Student Application Form, the Parent/Guardian Recommendation Form and the Teacher/Mentor Recommendation Form. Completed applications will continue to be reviewed until the places are full for 2019, but priority is given to submissions before the following date: February 28, 2019. All forms and supporting materials must be submitted online in English.

If successful, and after some other formalities, the student will be formally declared a World Science Scholar and further information will be provided.

Need inspiration?

In 2018, 14-year-old Pritvik Sinhadc from Dubai College, UAE became the first and only person from the Middle East and Africa to be declared a World Science Scholar. This was despite surgery to remove benign tumours from his arm and three weeks in hospital.

However, it was that very health scare that led him down the path of world science scholarship. Speaking with UAE’s Khaleej Times he said, “I spent three weeks in the hospital initially, and because I couldn’t use my hand to write, my brain became my best friend. That’s when I started exploring other subjects like quantum mechanics.”