10 STEM podcasts you should listen to right now

This guest blog is written by Katherine Rundell, an educational writer at Essay Writing Service and Write My Dissertation.

As humanity continues to thrive and innovate, it can feel like keeping up with recent news and discoveries in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) research is overwhelming. Thankfully, there are dozens of podcasts out there for teenagers that gather this information, collate it all and bring it to your favourite playback apps for you, making it easy to switch on an informative peek into the world of STEM research and the most relevant news.

Here are our ten favourite STEM podcasts for teenagers!

#1 – Science Vs

If you’re new to STEM podcasts, this is a good first listen. Hosted by Wendy Zukerman, Science Vs is an informal and entertaining discussion of some of the strangest and most interesting facts in scientific history. From the man who died twice to the science behind transgenderism, there is something for everyone, and it comes enrobed in an infectious humour that is sure to entertain.

#2 – Remarkable Chatter: STEM Everyday Podcast

With homeschooling on the rise, Remarkable Chatter can help parents and teachers find new ways of incorporating STEM research into everyday lessons, encourage children to take control of their learning and infuse the imagination for a well-rounded understanding of a topic, rather than receiving cherry-picked pieces of information to sew together later.

#3 – This Podcast Will Kill You

Based primarily on infectious diseases but branching out into toxins and poisons, This Podcast Will Kill You offers an in-depth history, etymology and status of numerous diseases you will have heard of – and many you will not! Hosted by biologists, it is an oasis of up-to-date, relevant information on human disease, including an extensive series on the Coronavirus.

#4 – Unprofessional Engineering

A casual, friendly chat perfect for getting kids interested in STEM. Unprofessional Engineering delves into how STEM research and application has created the everyday items we see in our homes and beyond in an easy-to-digest way that anyone can enjoy.

#5 – Her Stem Story

Women have been an important component in STEM history, but have often been overlooked through societal bias. Her Stem Story dissects fascinating innovations and work from women coworking in STEM fields, documenting not only their passions and their discoveries, but taking an insightful look into how hard it can be to thrive in a male-dominated industry.

#6 – Crime and Forensics

An example of STEM research incorporated into life, Crime and Forensics unboxes applications of STEM studies in the world of investigation, discussing not just the crimes they have solved but the mechanisms behind techniques used to uncover trace evidence and discern motives that hopefully – and often does – lead to catching a criminal.

#7 – Beyond the Bench: STEMulating Career Conversations

If you already have a history with science and technology, Beyond the Bench is the podcast for you. Every episode discusses a different career in STEM studies, many of which are understaffed because they are obscure or require very specific skills.

#8 – STEM on Fire

Targeted at those considering entering further STEM education, STEM on Fire interviews current researchers, practising professionals and former specialists about their jobs, how they impact the world and what they expect to see in the future.

#9 – Houston, We Have a Podcast!

This official NASA podcast interviews real astronauts and aerospace engineers, taking listeners deep into the world of space exploration. Learn what the weather in space is like, how to plan a spacewalk and, most importantly, how to become an astronaut yourself!

#10 – Freakonomics

Freakonomics takes a look at real-world applications of STEM research on economic stability, predicting the rise and fall of the economy and converting what can often be confusing data into accessible formats like “Why you shouldn’t open a restaurant” and “How to Win at Games”. It’s a bit of fun playing with STEM data, all presented by a charismatic host.