262 million children are not in school. Join the Send My Friend to School and be a Campaign Champion!

This guest blog post is written by Hannah Nixon, Campaign Manager, Send My Friend to School

It can be easy to take the opportunity to learn for granted, but millions of children across the globe are denied access to education. They lose their freedom to explore the world and miss out on countless opportunities to succeed both socially and economically. Everyone’s chance to change the world is unlocked through education.

Send My Friend to School

Send My Friend to School is a campaign for education. We are a coalition of non-governmental organisations (NGOs), teachers’ unions, and charities working to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4) – quality education by 2030. A coalition is a group that pools their knowledge and influence to achieve a common goal.

United Nation General Assembly

In 2015, the United Nation General Assembly (UNGA) set 17 goals that address global challenges in order to improve the future for everyone. We work with young people, politicians and the media across the UK to demand quality education for all, working towards achieving SDG4. In 2019, we are campaigning to Unlock Education for Everyone. No child should be left behind, whether this be due to crisis, discrimination, or inequitable access to education and learning.

Quality Education

Around the world, 262 million children are not in school. Send My Friend work towards not only giving these children access to an education but access to a quality education. A shocking 387 million primary school aged children do not achieve the minimum proficiency reading levels even though two-thirds of them are in school! Children struggle to learn as a lack of funding means really large class sizes. Some children are not even taught in a language they understand! Just because a child gets to sit in a classroom does not mean they are learning. This is why students who are lucky enough to receive a quality education work on the Send My Friend to School campaign. They want to make sure every child gets the same privilege as they do.


A highlight of our annual campaign is the parliamentary Action Day. Each year Send My Friend to School takes a group of 20 “Campaign Champion” students from all over the UK to Westminster. These students have been chosen to speak to Members of Parliament and call on the UK government to take action.

The Campaign Champions are 13 to 15-year-olds who are knowledgeable about SDG 4, our campaign and the parliamentary process. They have been trained in using media, public speaking and lobbying MPs. However, the work continues. Before and after the day, the students hold local events to promote the cause. It is a great opportunity for young people to get involved and see their hard work pay off.

What can you do?

Does this sound interesting?! All students can get involved with the campaign by contacting your local MP and demanding action. Schools can download a Teacher’s Pack containing case studies, campaign films and activity sheets to share the message with students.

Our message this year is to Unlock Education for Everyone. Students across the UK are making paper locks and keys to send to their local MP and calling on change. Each key has examples of the barriers that lock children out of education and the students show what would help solve the issue. For example, some children in wheelchairs are locked out of education simply because they cannot enter school. A solution would be to install ramps to make schools accessible.

If you want to get involved and learn more about our mission you can go to our website. There, you can sign up for our newsletter, find teaching resources, catch up on the latest Send My Friend to School news and more! You can follow our Twitter and our Facebook to see what our campaign has been up to. You can ask your teacher to download a Teacher’s Pack and get started today!

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