Podcast conversations that bring about the change you wish to see in the world

Susan Fisher, Co-Founder of the podcast Conversations for Change, explains why she believes in the power of podcasts to affect positive change.

Mahatma Gandhi was quoted as saying, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. Many recite this quote as a personal mantra, but few take it to heart, or practice. There is no question that things are beginning to shift in our society and have been moving for many years, but it is also an undeniable fact that a good deal of effort will be required to continue forward in a meaningful way.

Conversations for Change (CfC) was born from a group of young women, budding social activists, led by a mother-daughter duo, who felt frustrated with the snail’s pace of social progress, and moreover, the brutal obstruction to such. As is the case with any beginning, there were questions and concerns.

What can we do?

What will have a real and lasting impact?

How will we measure change?

Esther Lim and Kendall Ramirez started with the first question, and landed on a podcast. They dreamed of using their voices for good and to spur measurable action. They understand that every single bit of momentum starts with a difficult conversation. They recognise that allies are imperative, but real transformations occur when one listens to and understands the opposition. What is the other side of the argument? Where is there resistance? Does the other position come from a place of fear? Or hatred? Or ignorance? What approach can be formulated and what strategy applied to open the door, even a crack?

They sought guidance and partnership in Susan and Leah Fisher, a former middle school teacher and businesswoman, respectively. The four women talked and strategized, and, Conversations for Change was born. There is a commonality in passion and perspective, and an inherent uniqueness offered by virtue of three different generations coming together in conversation.

Topics are selected based on obvious areas of strife and inequity, current events, and what the women experience in everyday life. The women encourage listener participation and look forward to future episodes that will include suggestions offered through audience feedback and guest interviews.

There is no doubt that some of the areas of focus are more sensitive and controversial, but the group has resolved to staying committed to its cause, which is encouraging tough discussions that birth real movement. All conversations seek to fully explore the topic but with the deepest respect for any affected.

For example, recent conversations about the mental health of school-aged children have involved suggestions of school petitions and engagement with teachers and administration.

Each recording brings about a new topic or an expansion upon a prior topic. However, there is a consciousness paid to the need to revisit the bones of a topic to understand how it is being shaped over time and what new considerations must be incorporated into the dialogue.

@convoforchange has a small following, but the group has a strong desire to grow in an organic fashion, with the assistance of likeminded organizations and individuals. Right now, there are sixty-five followers on the Instagram account and 156 podcast listeners. At a minimum, the women would like to triple that following by the end of 2022.

Additionally, the women intend to put Conversations for Change out into the world through participation in community events and partnerships with similarly goal-orientated groups. No matter the metrics, it is clear that the women of CfC will continue to overcome any obstacle in its path to truly “be the change”.