Five ways to balance in-person and online classrooms

This guest blog was written by Tom English from Prodigy Game.

Today’s educational and school environments are drastically different from what they were a decade ago. With the implementation of online learning and in-person classes, keeping students engaged and ready to learn is more challenging than ever. Modern classes require a certain balance that makes teaching and learning more effective and fun. 

Adjust to change

One of the biggest obstacles teachers and students have faced in recent years is the constant restructuring or change in classroom format and activities. In the last year alone, the vast majority of schools have switched their learning protocols to online or hybrid classrooms conducted both in-person and online.

Teachers had to adapt to the rapidly evolving situation to convert to online classrooms. The best way teachers and students could adapt was by having a willingness to experiment with techniques and new technology. 

Manage time effectively

There are many factors related to effectively managing both in-person and online classes. 

Time management is key for planning and implementing lessons, presenting instruction, and testing to ensure students absorb the materials effectively regardless of the learning environment.

One of the best ways to implement effective time management is to eliminate unnecessary tasks for students. Present only the essential details to quickly and effectively help students to learn and remember.

Be accessible

To make these hybrid environments work for daily learning, teachers must be accessible to students both in-person and online. They can accomplish this by going live frequently and leaving their messaging features open for students to reach out for assistance.

Teachers can also send frequent emails to both students and parents to keep them up to date with lesson plans, goals, issues, and projected outcomes. The better the connection between all parties, the more effective the approach to teaching and learning.

Make learning fun

Learning, in general, is more effective when it’s engaging and entertaining for the students. The advancements in technology allow teachers to present materials using various mediums.

There are many websites and companies offering online educational games for kids, activities, puzzles, and more that integrate into lesson plans and provide support for learning activities.

Many schools choose to work with companies providing supplement educational modules and more to enrich their learning and add diversity to the learning style. This approach makes learning more accessible and more enjoyable for the students.

Set aside personal time

One of the primary negative effects that today’s learning environment has on teachers is its toll on their personal lives. They suffer from burnout faster than before and need to make themselves more available to all parties involved in a student’s education.

The best way to combat this unfortunate but real threat is to set aside time each day to do the things you enjoy and take care of basic needs. Let others know that you’re unavailable at those times and ask them to be patient with your needs.