Futurum does PowerPoints and translations!

As part of our ongoing mission to bridge the gap between practitioners and educators, we are constantly reassessing our resources and thinking about how we can make them more accessible to those that use them – teachers.

Firstly, we have a whole host of presentations, built on Microsoft PowerPoint, that are classroom-ready and link to our articles and worksheets. Each presentation follows a similar structure, with question prompts that allow you to test comprehension, get students to analyse and evaluate what they have learned, and stimulate debate.

If you are searching for something in a particular subject, you can search by subject area such as Biology and Bioscience or Physics, Chemistry and Maths.

Structurally, our presentations begin with the most exciting part – what our scientists and engineers are actually doing. Whether they are making headway in robotics, VR or carbon dating, we start with the cutting edge of their research, the wow factor. We then hone in on their field of work and contextualise it within an academic framework. Next, our scientists outline how they got to where they are, what inspires them and give their top tips for starting out in their field.

Our PowerPoints are all here: https://futurumcareers.com/ppts


As part of our aim to support you with resources that aim to engage all students regardless of their gender, ethnicity or background, we are excited to announce that we are going multilingual! We now have translations of some of our resources in German, French, Spanish and Dutch.

Our translated articles can be found here: https://futurumcareers.com/articles

We are at the beginning of this process, so if there are any teaching resources you would like us to create, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We love hearing from those who use Futurum Careers and welcome the opportunity to tailor what we do for those that use us.