How can we ensure education continues while schools are closed?

At an unprecedented time when we are seeing countries around the world closing down schools in a bid to curb coronavirus, it is probably true to say that both teachers and parents alike are now looking at education in a new light. 

For teachers, the duty and desire to provide quality learning opportunities for their students will be keenly felt, while parents will clearly want their children to be stimulated and challenged but may be unsure how to facilitate this in the ‘isolation’ of their own homes.

Wherever you are in the world, Futurum is here to play its part in providing free homeschooling and self-learning resources that will keep young people engaged and motivated, even if their ‘classroom’ is currently a corner of the kitchen or the family lounge.

A quick tour around our site will reveal articles on earthquakes and energy storage, microplastic pollution and marine geoscience. A whole host of featured researchers have shared their fascinating work with us – work that is bound to capture the imagination of science-hungry youngsters.

Visit our resources section and you’ll find activity sheets on a range of topics from economics to wireless communications, quantum physics to cyber security – all of which are perfect for homeschooling and self-learning. These worksheets provide key terminology and definitions, pose questions and even share careers advice and top tips from the researchers themselves.

At Futurum, we are always learning and looking ahead to the future. Keep exploring our resources; learn and look ahead with us…

We’d love to know which resources you and your youngsters particularly enjoy using at home, so please let us know by commenting below.