How do you see life beyond COVID?

Looking to the future, what do you think COVID-19 will mean for our daily lives? Whether you are a teacher, a parent, a secondary school student, a college student, a university student or a postgraduate – any member of this grand being we call society – chances are, you’ve already thought about this.

What will education look like in the future? How will careers be affected? How will we socialise? What will arts and culture look like? How will our environment be impacted? What will it mean for equality? So many questions!

And now, the UK’s COVID-19 Committee is asking for your views. Appointed by the UK Parliament in June 2020, the committee is asking individuals, as well as organisations, to reflect on the long-term societal implications of the pandemic.

The is a great opportunity to not only reflect on your own experiences, but also to consider the lives of others and how you envision the post COVID-19 world. This might be quite a sobering exercise – you might have worries and fears that need expressing. But this is also a prompt to think about your hopes and dreams. With our STEAM hats on, we are challenged to think about innovation, to think about the powerful role that STEAM developments could play in all our futures.

The COVID-19 Committee is welcoming all forms of submissions. You could contribute:

  • video
  • photography
  • artwork
  • animation
  • spoken word
  • poetry
  • song lyrics
  • prose

As Baroness Lane-Fox, the Committee Chair, encourages, the format of what you submit does not matter – what matters is that your opinion is heard. Contributing to a parliamentary committee may not be something you’ve ever considered doing before, but then, this is a situation none of us has been in before.

It’s vital that we all share our thoughts and feelings, our worries and our ambitions. Without hearing from as many people as possible, the committee will not be doing its job properly, so get involved! You have until Monday 31st August 2020 to do so.

Watch Baroness Lane-Fox explain why you should get involved:

For more information, including how to submit your contribution, visit: