Join us at SparkED’s annual conference – Saturday 24 July!

The student-led initiative SparkED is holding its annual conference on Saturday 24 July and we’re taking part.

At 10:30 am CDT, we’ll be talking about what we do and how we support students and educators with free education and careers resources.

SparkED’s virtual conference will host experts in business, STEM and entrepreneurship, and offers advice on tech-literacy, back-to-school kits, and scholarships.

SparkED is an organisation that equips youth with resources to educate, empowers and enable them to make informed decisions about their careers and lives.

Futurum will be joined by some very inspirational speakers. Here’s an itinerary.

The first generation experience: 9:30 am CDT

The conference kicks off with a session discussing the first generation experience. Speakers include:

Dr Eve Hudson, founder and chief strategist at Evingerlean Worldwide

Avo Guedekelian, medical student, dancer and photographer

Kevin Zhen, co-founder of HomeCooked, a social dining app

Nataly Morales Sandoval, author on Platform

Futurum Careers: 10:30 am CDT

Co-founder Karen Lindsay will be talking about the resources we offer and how we are helping researchers to inspire, teachers to motivate and students to aspire.

Computational biology and bioinformatics: 11 am CDT

Speakers include:

Kyle Alford, computational biology intern at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Zubair Lakhia, bioinformatics intern at SciLifeLab

Dr Sayane Shome, graduate student and researcher in computational models, high throughput data analysis and computational biophysics

Stephen Hwang, biomolecular engineering and bioinformatics intern at Tenaya Therapeutics

Careers in business: 12 pm CDT

Speakers include:

Amy Shah, psychiatrist and founder of Problem Solving Consulting

Irena Todd, co-founder of Fresh Monster

To join the conference, visit Attendees could win a $25 Amazon gift card!