Partnerships make the STEM world go around

In recent months, Futurum has been delighted to forge links with partners that, like us, are driven by a passion to promote and facilitate STEAMM education. If there are two words that link our circle of partners, unsurprisingly they are ‘community’ and ‘collaboration’.

Many inspiring organisations are working to foster ambitious and aspirational STEM and STEAMM communities and, to do that, many rely on ambitious and forward-thinking collaborations.

So, let’s introduce you to our new partners:

  • Skype a Scientist – We love the concept behind the organisation that does exactly what its name states. Non-profit Skype a Scientist makes STEM learning accessible to the wider community by enabling students to video conference scientists from their classrooms. In recent months, Skype a Scientist has even opened its service to enable families to skype an expert from the comfort of their own home. Simple, brilliant, and sure to stir the fire in any would-be scientist’s knowledge-hungry belly!

  • Sci4Ubuntu – Born out of a passion for STEM education and the belief that science can bring people together and make life better for all members of a community, Sci4Ubuntu produces a monthly newspaper and runs school science tours. Based in South Africa, Sci4Ubuntu ensures its message reaches the wider community by translating its newspaper into local languages and making use of links with radio stations and local community groups. Sci4Ubuntu – spreading the joy of STEM learning!

  • All about STEM plays its part in inspiring the next generation of STEM specialists by facilitating links between schools and business and industry experts. The Big Bang Fair North West is testament to the exciting, celebratory events All about STEM organises. The enthusiasm that pushes the All about STEM team is contagious!

  • Scientix promotes and supports a Europe-wide collaboration among STEM teachers, education researchers and policy makers. Scientix runs an online portal, to collect and present European STEM education projects and their results. Reaching out to teacher communities, Scientix is all about fostering a pan-European collaboration of schools and teachers.

  • Scientistt – Proving that community and collaboration are vitally important for both researchers and students, Scientistt is an online networking and recruitment platform for the global research community. Its ambitious vision of a global scientific community, that supports progression, endeavour and wellbeing, is certainly one we believe in.

From Europe, to South Africa, to the US and beyond, Futurum and its partners are working hard to connect the different groups that make up the global STEM community. From teachers, to students, to novice researchers, to seasoned professors, and even to those who don’t know how much they love STEM yet, it’s an exciting community to a part of.