The best time is STEM Time!

Navya Ramakrishnan and Aishwarya Sudarshan are two high school juniors, based in the US, with a passion for STEM and a desire to help others learn. Our guest bloggers this week, they tell us about their podcast: STEM Time.

We believe STEM fields are some of the most influential due to the increasing impact that technology has on the advancement of society. However, the resources that are currently being used to teach STEM-based concepts can be complex and difficult to understand, especially when the pandemic has limited the type of engaging, hands-on activities that can be participated in and classrooms have become socially distanced. So, we decided to use our passion for STEM to teach the community, by simplifying challenging concepts in an accessible, effective and engaging manner. The result? Our STEM Time podcast.

We are firm believers in the impact we can have on other students, especially girls, aspiring to be in STEM fields. By introducing STEM concepts to the community and inviting guest speakers of various backgrounds, we hope to encourage more people to explore, gain insight into the future of STEM, and potentially pursue a career in the STEM. Although there is still a lack of diversity in the STEM workforce, we hope we can welcome those of all genders, races, and ages to explore and overcome barriers in STEM. Although it is easy to think of the field as male-dominated, we are two young girls hosting a podcast covering STEM concepts, hoping to influence and inspire other girls to embrace it. We know we can make a difference!

Our STEM Time podcast covers a range of topics and provides excellent advice, through discussion-based learning, interviews with guest speakers, and conversations with students currently pursuing their STEM dreams:

  • In the first season, we cover basic concepts in the field of computer science, such as algorithms and data structures, introducing them to students who are curious about this fascinating field.
  • Computer science is our favourite STEM subject so it is no surprise that in the second season, we explore the history of computer science and its influential figures, discussing the work of Claude Shannon and Alan Turing amongst others.
  • The ongoing third season invites guest speakers including fellow students, employees, and professors in STEM fields to inspire, give advice, and share their experiences in a range of disciplines.

In the future, we hope to expand our podcast to teach as many people as possible. We want to inspire and educate people worldwide!

Our STEM Time podcast can be found on Anchor, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and many other platforms.

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