Want to be a developer? Huawei is calling on women to join its Women Developers Programme

Developers – also known as software developers, computer programmers, software coders or software engineers – build and create software and apps. If you think about how much we interact with technology and apps on a dailiy basis, it is certain that the demand for developers is only going to increase year on year. This means that training to be a developer could be a very good career choice. Indeed, software developer jobs are expected to grow by 22% between 2019 and 2029, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Excitingly, Huawei has launched its HUAWEI Women Developers programme. Its aim, Huawei says, it to, “empower women developers to create applications and tools that can change the world”. The HUAWEI Women Developers programme is intended to encourage more women to join in technological innovation by providing participants with more opportunities and platforms for career development and skill training. Any woman developer from around the world can register to join the programme on the HUAWEI Women Developers official website.

Huawei Senior Vice President Chen Lifang said: “We believe that women will lead technological innovation. We hope that the HUAWEI Women Developers programme will help women better leverage their talents and unique value, and give them opportunities to demonstrate their leadership abilities. This will help make our world a better place.”

The HUAWEI Women Developers will provide participants with training on technological innovation and career development paths, along with opportunities to meet with experts in cutting-edge technologies from various fields, and to participate in hands-on scenario-based experiments and training. Huawei hopes to create a special community for women developers on the HUAWEI Developers platform, and organise a series of online and offline events.

The HUAWEI Women Developers program is now open to women developers from around the world.

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For more information, visit the HUAWEI Developers official website: https://developer.huawei.com/consumer/en/programs/hwd