Let’s take a look back at the numbers, since Futurum’s launch three years and three months ago.

We have:

Published / 215 research articles and activity sheets / 39 PowerPoints and 10 animations

Welcomed 350,470 visitors to our website (in 2021)

Goggled at the 11,253 downloads on TES (started in June 2019)

Jumped with joy at the 10 reviews on TES, 8 of which are five-star

Marvelled at the 3 most downloaded articles on TES:

Patted ourselves on our backs for the 8,627 downloads on Teachers Pay Teachers (started in October 2019)

Wondered at the 3 most downloaded articles on Teachers Pay Teachers:

Making ill health a thing of the past
The tiny animal at the centre of the marine ecosystem
Learning to live with less water

Jumped with joy at the 10 reviews on Teachers Pay Teachers, 6 of which are five-star

Been humbled by our 5,928 Twitter followers and the 2 million Twitter impressions (for 2020)

Appreciated our 1,355 Facebook followers

Admired our 738 LinkedIn followers

Loved our 81.2K monthly views on Pinterest

Been impressed by our 9,114 views on YouTube

Treasured our engagement with issue 12 of Futurum: Careering ahead

Twitter – 40,393 impressions, 159 engagements, 8 retweets
Facebook – 1,639 people reached, 382 engagements, 471 likes
LinkedIn – 882 impressions, 49 likes, 11 shares

Pinterest – 11,292 impressions, 37 clicks


Been invited to present 2 webinars

Bring on 2022!