Play Sport, Get Better at Maths

Juggling after-school sport and school work is a constant battle. Some (especially parents) may feel that you simply can’t do both. But what if […]

8 Hours Sleep = Better Exam Results

Scientists from Baylor University, Texas have found that a special incentive – in which students received extra marks on final exams for getting at […]

Planet Earth needs you!

The IPCC has again convened to discuss how to address global warming. Their report has highlighted that to prevent future temperature […]

Good at maths? Become a scholar…

Mathematics is an amazing field of study and, at a fundamental level, it underpins everything in science. The World Science Festival has created […]

Thinking Outside the ‘Man Box’

To the extent that we let it, society and the media can govern the way we act, think, and view ourselves and others. Of course, this phenomenon […]

Competition to Improve Digital Ethics

In the wrong hands, digital technologies and the internet can be incredibly damaging. Misinformation, inappropriate content and divisiveness […]

Is genetics research biased?

Geneticists study genes, heredity, and genetic variation. One of the main reasons they do this is to better understand disease and ageing.