Futurum – inspiration for your Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

How can people train their brains to manage depression?

Can modern technology uncover the secrets of evolution?

How is mathematics applied to real world problems?

Why do post-election protests occur?

Life poses many fascinating questions! How would you answer one of these thought-provoking questions in a 5000-word report? Could you be inspired to create a ‘product’ in response? Could you devise a performance to convey your answer?

If you are a year 12 or 13 student in the UK, you might be contemplating such questions for your Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). The EPQ tasks A-level students (16 to 19-year-olds) to lead their own learning on a self-prescribed project, challenging them to be independent, creative and critical thinkers.

As one teacher highlighted on a five-star review for Futurum, our educational resources are suitable for A-level students (grades 11 & 12 in the US) and can “also be great as EPQ inspiration”.

Here’s how our resources can provide a springboard for your EPQ:

  • Futurum articles summarise research studies that are going on right now, highlighting the questions researchers are investigating – questions that could lead to student-led EPQ topics.
  • Our activity sheets include talking points based on Bloom’s Taxonomy that challenge you to think deeper about the issues researchers are exploring. We prompt students to analyse, evaluate and create – all vital steps in the EPQ process.
  • Our suggested activities encourage students to delve further into a subject and are a stepping-stone to more independent thinking.
  • We provide links to more resources, referring students to the organisations and web pages researchers have recommended – a great way for students to start their own research.

The EPQ promotes exploration and independent learning, and Futurum resources are here to share the journeys of discovery researchers all over the world are undertaking. Whether you are working towards the EPQ or not, get exploring Futurum – there’s a wealth of incredible research out there to get us all thinking…

Can quantum physics make the internet more secure?

What can the history of women’s suffrage teach us about women in politics today?

How can we make future places healthier spaces?


  • To find out more about the Extended Project Qualification, watch this great video produced by the University of East Anglia featuring students talking about their EPQ experiences.


  • To learn more about the qualification and how it works, visit The Student Room.