Futurum Careers: Let’s take a look at the numbers

It’s that time of year when numbers and stats are bandied about, from the Twelfth Day of Christmas to the top ten films/news stories/songs of the year – and why not? Numbers are super awesome. For example, did you know that the human brain uses as much power as a 10-watt bulb?

So, we’re taking a look back at the numbers, since Futurum’s launch two years and three months ago.

We have:

Published 93 research articles/free education resources

Welcomed 44,526 visitors to our website (in 2020)

Goggled at the 5,511 downloads on TES (started in June 2019)

Jumped with joy at the 10 reviews on TES, 8 of which are five-star

Marvelled at the 3 most downloaded articles on TES:

The superpower of swarms
Finding joy in an app
A working-class hero is something to be

Patted ourselves on our backs for the 3,504 downloads on Teachers Pay Teachers (started in October 2019)

Wondered at the 3 most downloaded articles on Teachers Pay Teachers:

Making ill health a thing of the past
The tiny animal at the centre of the marine ecosystem
Learning to live with less water

Jumped with joy at the 4 reviews on Teachers Pay Teachers, 3 of which are five-star

Been humbled by our 5,338 Twitter followers and the 2 million Twitter impressions (for 2020)

Appreciated our 744 Facebook followers

Admired our 523 LinkedIn followers

Loved our 657 monthly views on Pinterest

Treasured our engagement with issue 6 of Futurum: How to build a STEAM generation

Twitter – 44,926 impressions, 3,293 engagements, 595 likes
Facebook – 1,818 people reached, 479 engagements, 432 likes
LinkedIn – 759 impressions, 287 likes, 27 comments


Been invited to present 2 webinars

Bring on 2021!